What Happened to November?

Wow, here it is December already.  What happened to the month of November?  It seems to have just flown by along with my good intentions to post at least every 2 -3 weeks.  Ah well, you know apathy is another symptom of Parkinson’s 🙂   I started working on a post a couple of weeks ago planning to expand on my last post about the Kripalu Retreat experience but then I discovered that one of the other attendees was working on a similar project and I happily received permission to link to her post instead of reinventing the wheel as we used to say back in the day’s before retirement. So I invite you to follow Barbara’s Ramblings!  Barb has done a great job of summarizing the opening session and the PD101 session with Dr. Houghton and she has laid out the other topics which she plans to also summarize as time permits. Thanks Barb!  (Update 10/1/2017 – Barb’s Blog is no longer being maintained so links removed)

One thing we have been continuing since the Retreat is listening to Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation CD from Jennifer Reis, one of the instructors at Kripalu.  We play it almost every night and have found it to promote deep relaxation and sound sleep.

This month I purchased an indoor bike trainer so I can bike inside this winter.  Bicycling has been shown to be beneficial for PWP so I plan on biking at least 3 days a week.   I haven’t been on a bike in probably 5 years so I have already discovered that my rear end and the seat need to get reacquainted! We are still walking when the weather permits and we dropped our time to 35 minutes recently which is close to where it was last year.

Speaking of exercise, it’s time to sign up for the 2014 Mary-thon. I mentioned this event in a previous post.  This is a great way to stay motivated to exercise.  You pledge to exercise 30 minutes 5 days a week for 26 weeks.  Running is not required, any form of exercise will do and this year you get a pedometer, access to Hannah’s Gym and weekly emails with your registration and $10 goes to the Project Linus organization which provides blankets to kids in traumatic situations.   Go to www.mary-thon.net for more information and to sign up.

This month brings my first Physical Therapy appointment, a visit to the Neurologist and, of course, the Christmas Holidays. I plan on another post before the holidays, but just in case we wish you all a Happy and Joyous Holiday Season!

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