Living with a Chronic Disease

Last week Dr Soania Mathur, whom I follow on Twitter,  posted an excellent article, “10 Lessons I’ve Learned Living With a Chronic Disease” , on The Huffington Post.  Dr Mathur was diagnosed with Early Onset PD 16 years ago at age 27 and in the post she discusses 10 lessons she has learned from facing the challenges of living with a chronic disease. But as she points out in the opening  “Each of us is challenged in some way, be it in our health, our finances, our occupations or our interpersonal relationships, and many of the same principles that I learned on my particular journey are hopefully relevant regardless of the challenge you are facing.”  I know that I found them extremely applicable for my PD journey and I think you may find one or two (or maybe 10) that will be relevant for you too.  Click here to read Dr Mathur’s post.

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