A Hodgepodge – Part Two

And I’m back!  I noticed that I didn’t mention anything in the last post about how my buddy Parkinson’s and I are getting along. Things are pretty much stable, still some arm stiffness and shuffling when I walk and the occasional balance problem.  I don’t have the sticky feet problem nearly as often nor the internal tremors so, all in all, things are OK. As I have noted before, I follow many other blogs, websites, and Twitter accounts related to Parkinson’s, probably close to 50 if I took the time to count them all.  I have been planning to add…

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A Hodgepodge – Part One

Or maybe it should be a Mish Mash? how about a Mashup? Anyway, this is a post of odds and ends I have been doing or reading about since my last post. We arrived home from Florida just in time to get caught up in the snow and ice and cold a couple of weeks ago and last week and this week so we are excited to leave soon for our regularly scheduled February beach visit.  While home we have kept up the exercise on the bike, walking the few days we could, and doing Tai Chi.  I purchased the…

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