Will This Winter Ever End?

Hello from cold and snowy Eastern Tennessee, where we are forecast to set a new record low tonight, 28 degrees, which will do wonders for all the fruit trees and new plants just coming up after a nice warm typical April week.  But we have a plan, we are leaving for Tucson tomorrow morning where it is forecast to be 90 degrees!

The East Tennessee Parkinson’s Unity walk was great, a nice turn out on a cool and windy Saturday morning, about 150 walkers.  Several nice exhibits, a nice send off talk from a local Neurologist and away we went for a nice 1.5 mile walk around the park in Oak Ridge.  Another great opportunity to meet and talk with other PWP’s.

I had an appointment with my Neurologist today and we have decided to increase the amount of my medication to see if we can improve my balance and fine motor skills.  We discussed when to switch to the ‘gold standard’ drug, Levadopa.  He felt that as long as I am getting effective response from my current drug with limited or no side effects, we should hold off, so that is the plan for now.

As you have noticed, I still haven’t posted a list of blogs I follow, but one I follow Parkinson’s Journey, by Sherri Woodbridge, has a list of blogs as part of her Parkinson’s Awareness Month posts and I was pleased to see mine listed.  You can view her entire list here , and if you have time, I highly recommend reading her other posts for April, they have all been informative and I look forward to each daily post.

As I mentioned in the opening, we are off to Arizona to visit with friends and to San Diego to visit with my son and his family so my next post will be from the western side of the country.  Until then, remember, It Is What It Is!

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