A Year of Blogging

Well it has been one year since the inception of this blog and an interesting year it was, as outlined in my last post.  And as promised this post will contain some nerdy, but kind of fun, information collected by Blogger during the year. Blogger is the Google platform I use to maintain the blog.  They kindly keep track of how many times a page is viewed,  the approximate location of the viewer and the ten most viewed posts among other things.

Page views:

The number of page views was about 2200 for the period 8/6/13 – 8/4/14 or about 180 views a month but suddenly the last post went viral!  The National Parkinson’s Foundation (NPF) mentioned my last blog post on Twitter and Facebook on Tuesday and suddenly the blog received almost 700 pageviews on 8/5/14 alone!  So now the number of views as of this writing is 3055!  Thank you NPF and welcome new readers, I hope you enjoy reading It Is What It Is.

Reader location:

The top ten reader locations are shown in this graphic.

Not much to say about this list, as one would expect, most viewers are in the United States. The top five States are Colorado, Tennessee, Maine, Florida and California.  A number of readers from other countries are also following the blog which is pretty cool!
Ten most viewed posts for the year:

Of course the winner for this year is the post which was mentioned by NPF, What a Year!.  The next most popular was the post about visiting the University of Florida Movement Disorder Clinic which is carefully disguised as a post about Hanging at the Beach! Others making the cut include Cognitive Training about playing Lumosity with PD, Team about Partners in Parkison’s, the Kripalu Wellness Retreat post, the post about Staying Motivated to Exercise and Support about our visits to the local support groups.

You can view these posts and others from the Popular Posts listed just below my profile or from the Blog Archive,located near the bottom of the right hand column.

So there you go, some nerdy but interesting (well to me anyway) information about the blog over the past year.  Again I want to thank all of you for your support and hope you will stick with me for another year as I travel this road of living with Parkinson’s Disease.  I plan to continue staying on top of  current Parkinson’s Disease research and I will continue to look for a clinical trial that I can join. I am quite aware of what “might” happen in the future but that doesn’t mean I have to give in, I will continue to fight and maintain a positive attitude because I believe we will beat Parkinson’s!

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