Walking for Parkinson’s Research

Yesterday was our local Parkinson’s Walk held in Oak Ridge,TN.  The weather websites were predicting rain and thunderstorms, but it turned out to just be a cloudy day. Our local walk is in support of the Unity Walk in New York City and 100% of the funds raised go to the seven major Parkinson’s research organizations.Despite the weather forecast we had a good turnout and raised over $8100 for PD research. I want to again thank all of you who made a donation in support of Mara and me and Team PK Hope is Alive – THANKS!

We arrived early to help with the setup for the walk and I was glad my stepson, Darrin, joined us for the heavy lifting! This was also our first ‘gig’ as Fox Trial Finder Ambassadors and we set up a table to promote Fox Trial Finder and Fox InSight. We had a lot of activity at our table, handed out a lot of information and MJFF orange brain shaped stress relievers. We met a lot of new people who were interested in both programs and hopefully our efforts result in some new sign ups.

We were asked to speak during the prerace ceremonies so, in addition to our first Trial Finder gig, I made my first presentation about current research and the need for participating in Fox Trial Finder and Fox InSight. I had prepared some notes (about 7 pages when printed in large type!) but found it hard to read the notes, maintain some eye contact, speak loudly AND hold the microphone at the same time so it was more of an ‘off the cuff’ speech it but it seemed to go OK for a first attempt.

This week I moved the blog to its own internet domain www.tomspdblog.com which is easier for me (and you) to remember when people ask for the address. Google assures me there should be no noticeable change for readers as both the old and the new address will end up at the blog. So far it seems to be working OK, but those of you who have the address bookmarked may want to update your bookmark to the new address.
Next Thursday we go to Vanderbilt for my next appointment with my Movement Disorder Specialist.  I continue to be so much better on the new medication and I hope Dr. Davis agrees. I am also hoping to be considered for the NPF Parkinson’s Outcomes Project which is conducted at the NPF Center’s of Excellence of which Vanderbilt is one. They have been following PwP since 2009 with a goal of establishing models of excellent PD care for best health outcomes. You can read more on the NPF website at this link .
I’m still working at reviewing some of the exercise options available for PwP, maybe it will be done by the next post (I’m pretty sure procrastination is another non motor symptom!) In the meantime, don’t forget to sign up for Fox Trial Finder and Fox Insight and be an agent for change!
“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius
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