The Busy Month of May

Here it is almost the end of May all ready! We have been busy with two trips to Memphis, one for a concert and one for our oldest granddaughter’s graduation from Rhodes College. So thought I would post a quick update from….THE BEACH! Yep we are at the beach on Bald Head Island for the week.
First the concert, little did we know but there are Internet stars who are famous for videos they post on Vine and YouTube and they draw quite the crowd of young girls when they tour. Somehow we agreed to take granddaughter McKenna  and her friend to Memphis to catch the show. This involved a 5.5 hour drive listening to the music from the various performers (actually not too bad, as Mara said, “I could understand the lyrics”), then standing in line for several days (OK maybe two hours) because the girls had VIP tickets that included a meet and greet with the stars 2 hours before the show started.  And that is how Mara ended up in this great photo with TEZ, one of the stars.  The girls reported the concert was great, we elected to sit on the patio at the venue with several other parents, grand parents or guardians, skipping the screaming and pushing and shoving.
The following week, we returned to Memphis for granddaughter Breanna’s graduation from Rhodes College.  It seems like it was just yesterday when we made our first trip to Memphis to take her to a summer soccer camp before her freshman year and now she has graduated Cuma Laud with a degree in Biology and plans to attend medical school.
It was a rainy morning but the graduation ceremony was wonderful and we enjoyed the weekend with the graduate and family and friends.  (Yes that is me on the left wearing my Dad’s old straw hat and a bow tie!  A Southern gentleman, all the way)
We have been working on ideas to make local information about PD such as a list of local support groups, links to national organizations, links to local programs like Big and Loud, etc. available to PD Patients and Care Partners via the medical community.  In talking with PD patients, it is surprising how many of them mention they have had problems getting support group and local resource information even when they ask their doctor.
We want to create something simple, like a business card with a brief explanation and the website address that could be given to PD patients. We plan to try it out with East Tennessee information and expand statewide if it works. This is a collaborative effort with input from PD stakeholders including other PwP, representatives from national organizations and local groups, and the medical community. The site is a work in progress, so if you are a Tennessee reader of my blog or just interested in the idea, you can check it out here.
Another exciting event this month, the Cure Parkinson’s Trust in the UK released their annual report for 2015 and it includes a reprint of a portion of my blog post regarding the Grand Challenge meeting we attended  last September.  In addition to the reprint, the report contains a wealth of information about the Trust’s programs and the progress that has been made since that meeting and can be viewed here.
And now we are finishing the month with a week at the beach with family, which will give us a chance to up the exercise routine again, catch up on a lot of reading, and maybe I’ll even work on the class I started a month or so ago on how to build website!  Which reminds me, I updated the National PD Resource page as part of the new website design, feel free to check it out and while you are waiting for my next post, don’t forget to sign up for Fox Trial Finder and the Fox Insight trial.
“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius
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