The Saga Continues!

Wow what an interesting month.   Believing our home in Tennessee would be ready to put back on the market by the first of March, we flew to Knoxville to meet with the contractor’s quality control person, approve the work and put the home back on the market.  When we arrived at the home, we discovered it was a long way from completion!  To say we were disappointed would be an understatement for sure.   The quality control person was just as surprised as we were and started calling people to find out why it wasn’t done.  This unleashed a series of phone calls and emails with everyone pointing fingers at someone else because it was not their fault. Then to add insult to injury, the water heater gave out and leaked on the new floor, requiring them to pull up part of the floor and dry it out before laying new flooring and replacing the water heater.

After much back and forth the new date was set to the 17th of March but on the 15th I got a call from the project manager to let me know he has fired the crew that was working on the house and hired a new crew that would start on the 19th so the new finish date will be the 23rd, but I’m guessing that won’t happen either. (UPDATE: received call that home is ready for walk through  on Monday the 26th!) What a long and winding road!

In the meantime, thinking it was about over, we have been home shopping here in Sarasota and found the perfect home for us at a great below market price.  We put in an offer which was accepted and we are set to close March 30th!  The home includes some of the furniture which will allow us to set up shop immediately while we wait for the proceeds of the Tennessee sale to purchase the finishing touches.  Luckily our son and daughter in law and two grandchildren arrive on Sunday the 1st of April and they will help us make the move.  Angelina, the 13 year old grand daughter is ready to organize the move and placement of items while Ariana, the 11 year old, said she would do anything we needed as long as there were snacks. 

With all that is happening we have continued our exercise routine of tennis, spin bike, gym, dance and more tennis.  Mara is playing tennis almost every day while I play at least three times a week.   Our peddling instructor, Kathy, has embraced the high intensity interval training (HIIT) model that has recently been shown to improve symptoms better by pushing our heart rates into the peak zone (85% of max) during each interval.   We have been getting quite the workout the past few months with HIIT on Tuesdays and aerobic base and endurance work along with a bit of HIIT on Thursdays. 

April is Parkinson’s Awareness month and we will be attending/participating in a couple of events during the month.  There will be a day long PD Expo here in Sarasota and our PD in Motion dance class will be performing a routine we have been rehearsing each Monday during class.  I continue to have two left (or maybe two right?) feet but it is another enjoyable hour of exercise each week and Lynn, our instructor, just smiles as I bumble my way around trying to remember which right foot to use.

I have been asked to join a Patient Advisory Council for a Pharma company and we will hold our first meeting the day before the  Unity Walk in Central Park on April 26th.  For more information about the Unity Walk and how you can support us, click here


  1. Your determination and endurance never cease to amaze me. Had you not described the 2 right feet, I would assume that you should be put on a Wheaties Box. Tom, along with Mara, are certainly one of the greatest assets the organization enjoys. Thanks for shining your light for others of your plight to follow. Heck, those of us that do not have Parkinson’s are in awe of how you choose to stay ahead of your disease. You are an inspiration to all. Thank you.

    • Thanks Bettie! I know you realize that fighting a chronic disease is a battle, but one we will push to win!

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