Happy Thanksgiving

Wow, it is already Thanksgiving Day and that means this year is almost over! Seems like it was just New Years Day last month. We are in Knoxville for the weekend but I wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and best wishes for the Holiday season.

A quick reminder that following Black Friday tomorrow and Cyber Monday is Giving Tuesday, a great time to make a donation to your favorite charity, no matter what the cause.  Several of the PD Foundations will be matching your donation on Tuesday and I’m sure that is also true for other charities.   It is a great opportunity to make a difference.

You might recall from my last post that the YMCA where I take my Pedaling with Parkinson’s class was scheduled to close September 13, 2019. This announcement caused a massive outburst from members and the community of Sarasota resulting in a new entity being formed to take over the two fitness centers. But it went right down to the wire (in fact they actually closed as scheduled and then reopened 3 days later) before we knew if we would have class the week of September 16th. So our coach had branched out and we had a plan in place to move our class to HealthFit, the gym where I first started cycling for PD. (You can read my post about that experience here. )

When we were able to save the YMCA, she continued to coach a class at HealthFit and I have started going to that class when possible to up my cycling days to the recommended 3 times per week. I still feel this is the best exercise I have found for slowing the progression of my PD. Studies continue to show that high intensity interval training improves dopamine production while providing cardio benefits and slowing progression. If you are on the fence about trying cycling take a look at this recent study reported on the Science of Parkinson’s blog.

We are excited for the ‘winter’ weather here in Florida, it has made our almost daily tennis games much more pleasant and enjoyable. We are playing most days and occasionally we even play twice a day! I don’t know why we aren’t on the senior tennis circuit, surely all this training should turn us into another Roger Federer or Ashleigh Barty!! I guess we will just have to keep it up until it happens 🙂

Coming up – Parkinson’s Revolution – an indoor cycling experience taking place February 8 sponsored by the Parkinson’s Foundation. This event combines passion, determination and community to generate awareness and advance our mission toward a cure. You can find more information here and I will post more information on the blog as our plans firm up.

Have a great holiday season!

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius


  1. Love you Tom and your endless meeting life challenges with a smile and with so much grace!! How I wish I were still able to do daily tennis…that is fantastic!!! Happy Thanksgiving Evening in Knoxville!!!

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