PD School 2020 – Update

This will be a short blog post regarding the PD School being conducted by Dr Laurie Mischley which I wrote about in the last post. A few days ago I received the following message from Dr Mischely: Hi Tom, Yours was one of many requests I’ve received the past few days to make class #1 free.  Done. It is now free.   Thanks for helping spread the word!   Laurie   If you have or have not watched the first class, you now have an opportunity to not only watch it but forward that class to family members, friends, care givers and…

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PD School – 2020

Some of you may be familiar with Dr. Laurie K Mischley from Bastyr University in Seattle. She has a medical degree in Naturopathic Medicine and specializes in the nutritional requirements for neuro degenerative disorders. She has spent over 10 years working with PD patients and has a clinical trial going on regarding Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in PD where participants (I have been one since 8/2014) complete a series of surveys every 6 months to report the status and progression of their PD and we also compete a 24 hour food diary. She has presented programs at the World…

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