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Last  month  marked the 7th anniversary of my official “you have Parkinson’s Disease” diagnosis from my first neurologist.   During the past 7 years  I’ve become very knowledgeable about PD, discovered tennis, turned into an exercise junkie to help slow the progression of my PD,  and moved to Florida.

Meanwhile, after 200 + years Levadopa/Carbidopa, discovered 50 years ago, continues to be the main treatment for the symptoms of PD.  A lot of research has been done trying to identify the cause of PD and a number of new medications have been developed to deal with the symptoms of PD but the cure remains elusive.  The recent book “Ending Parkinson’s Disease” pointed out that PD is fast becoming  pandemic and action needs to be taken to end PD. You can read my blog post about the book here.

Inspired by the book and it’s proposed PACT (Prevent,Advocate, Care, Treat)  a worldwide group of PD advocates have formed PD Avengers to advocate for ending Parkinson’s.  They want to unite 50 million voices world wide to prove PD matters and to build a sense of urgency to end Parkinson’s.  I have added my voice and have become a PD Avenger and I hope you will too!  You can find out more information and add your voice at  Together we can END PARKINSON’S!!

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius

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