Nine Years

Today marks the 9th anniversary of this blog. Which means that July 24th marked the 9th year since I was diagnosed with PD. Those of you who have followed my blog know that usually I write a post on the anniversary of my diagnoses and I started this post a few days before the 24th but I was unable to complete it until today.. Read on to find out why.

My son and family recently moved to the Washington DC area and they invited us to come up and enjoy the Fourth of July. We had a wonderful trip and visit with Ryan and Sarah and Sarah’s sister’s family who had just been assigned to Colorado Springs and were leaving the day after the 4th. We also got to visit with our Grandson Garrett who started his internal medicine residency at Georgetown the week before.

We stayed downtown for the fourth which made it easy to watch the fabulous fireworks display. On the fifth we went to the Kennedy Center to see To Kill a Mockingbird which was wonderful and an item on our bucket list. We retuned on the 7th and on the 10th, I tested positive for Covid!

It started with a sore throat , then a mild fever and a headache and complete fatigue. I felt like I had not taken my medication for days and now I couldn’t hardly move. The next day the sore throat became so severe I thought I had added Strep throat to the COVID but no it was just another symptom of Omicron Covid.

By the 7th day the sore throat was gone, the headaches were just once in awhile and I tested negative. But the fatigue and lack of muscle strength continued and I was often unable to get up from a chair without assistance let alone exercise for the last 4 weeks. In addition to no get up and go I had no desire to write my usual “It’s been x years since my diagnosis” post until today! I tried several times but I would stare at the screen waiting for the words to appear like magic.

Yesterday I was able to attend our 1 hour tennis clinic and today I played 1 1/2 hours of doubles tennis and I feel normal for the first time in 4 weeks. So in addition to starting to exercise again, I have also started trying to catch up with my to do list with this blog being item number one.

Now that I feel like myself again, I have to say I am pleased with my lack of PD progression this year. About a year ago I spent some time plotting my on and off periods during the day using a program that showed my Levodopa level over 24 hours. As a result I determined that I was taking too much Levodopa and I needed to increase he time between doses of Rytary from 4 hours to 5 hours which resulted in needing only 4 doses per day instead of 5! So I have been on that schedule for almost a year with limited impact on my mobility even though I decreased the amount of Levodopa I take by 2 capsules.

So, until COVID, it has been a positive year on the PD front. I am keeping my fingers crossed 🤞 that I can continue to slow my progression this year while maintaining my current medication regimen. I hope that today marks the end of the COVID fatigue and lack of energy issues, i am ready to move on!

And finally, If you haven’t heard about the End Parkinson’s bill introduced last week in Congress, please go to this link and send a letter to your congress person asking for their support. Thanks!!

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