Volunteer and Help Find a Cure for PD!

Volunteer and Help Find a Cure for PD!   As promised in the last post, today I will discuss our experiences with clinical trials and the Fox Trial Finder (FTF) web application.  But first, are you on Fox Trial Finder? If not, click on this link and sign up today!  Currently there are 475 trials listed on FTF taking place in locations around the world. They include interventional trials (reducing tremor or dyskinesia, Tai Chi for balance, tele-medicine, etc.) and observational trials (bio markers, brain mapping, genetic research, wearable devices to measure PD, etc.). When you sign up for FTF…

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Clinical Trial Needs, Southern Symposium and NOLA!

I have previously posted about the need for clinical trial participants.  I have joined Fox rial Finder which has a large database of trials and provides a list of possible research opportunities based on your desired parameters (distance from home, # of years with PD, etc.).  Mara and I recently matched up for a trial being conducted at the University of Alabama Sparks Center, Mara as a control and I as a PD patient.  The trail is called LRRK2 and Other Novel Exosome Proteins in Parkinson’s Disease (that’s a mouthful!)  LRRK2 is one of the genetic markers closely associated with…

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