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Well, setting a goal of publishing a new post within two weeks of my last post didn’t quite work. Despite my best intentions and adding a reminder to my calendar, I still missed the date by, oh let’s say 2 (OK 3) weeks.  Back in the days before retirement, I used a system called the Franklin Planner to plan out everyday, so maybe I need to do something similar now – NOT!  While it was an interesting (and expensive) planning system complete with training on how to use, fancy binders and custom calendar pages, I still missed a goal or…

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Is Patient Centered Care a Myth?

I have written previously about Patient Centered care, health care that establishes a partnership among practitioners and patients, where the patient is respected and has input into his or her care.  Seems like a fairly simple concept but, as you will see in this post from my friend and fellow PwP Alan Zimmerman, patient involvement was not wanted during his recent hospital stay and any attempts to get involved were discouraged by doctors at the hospital and the VA. Alan is a member of the Parkinson’s Foundation Patient Advisory Council, advocates with the Public Policy group at the Michael J…

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