Parkinson’s Is Not Just Tremors

“Time and again people with Parkinson’s have to fight against the old stereotype that the condition is just a tremor.”    “This basic misunderstanding has sentenced people with Parkinson’s to a life of hurtful comments, being refused service in shops and even being shouted at in the street, all because people have mistaken their speech or movement problems – a common symptom of the condition – for drunkenness.” Steve Ford, chief executive at Parkinson’s UK     I heard these quotes during an interview on BBC Radio the other night and then looked it up on their website. The story…

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I’m Alright, Just Slow!

I find myself uttering this remark far too often already 🙂  Unfortunately it was the first of my noticeable symptoms and the one that is still present, even with the improvements from the medication.  While my normal walk in the county park next door has gone from 42 minutes down to 37 minutes since I started the medication, I still have my slow times during the day.  I guess even the walk is still slow, used to be able to complete in 34 minutes a year ago. There are many research studies that show exercise helps to slow the progression…

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