What I Did During My Summer Vacation (so far)!

It’s been awhile since my last post so will try to catch you up with what’s been happening since June 19th but first and most important I am proud to announce that our granddaughter, Breanna, has been accepted into the University of West Virgina Medical School and will begin classes in August!  Very exciting news! As you can see by the photos below, we have had a very busy summer! And it’s not over yet, more to come in the next post. The 3M mini reunion while at a wonderful Pacific Coast wedding, what a lovely time. (yes that’s me…

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Dancing and Singing at the Beach!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I know everyone is waiting for an update from the beach 🙂 As I mentioned in the last post we were planning a Kripalu mini-reunion with Joel and Melisa and Marcia and Erwin and we were able to get together for lunch and then a nice visit while sitting on the beach.  As Marcia said later, “..it felt like connecting with very close family.” We all caught up on what has happened since October 2013 which, of course, included what medications we were taking, comparing notes on doctor visits, etc.  Marcia and…

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