A Year of Blogging

Well it has been one year since the inception of this blog and an interesting year it was, as outlined in my last post.  And as promised this post will contain some nerdy, but kind of fun, information collected by Blogger during the year. Blogger is the Google platform I use to maintain the blog.  They kindly keep track of how many times a page is viewed,  the approximate location of the viewer and the ten most viewed posts among other things. Page views: The number of page views was about 2200 for the period 8/6/13 – 8/4/14 or about…

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When I was first diagnosed,  I had mixed feelings about attending a support group.  I wondered if we sat in a circle and I said “Hi, I’m Tom and I have Parkinson’s”  (Hiiii Tom).  Was there a 12 step program for dealing with Parkinson’s? 😉  And I was worried that seeing PWP’s with a wide range of  symptoms would be like seeing my future.  But as I learned more about Parkinson’s I realized that it is a progressive disease that affects everyone of us in different ways and no two seem to be alike.  And, as we learned at the…

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