Rallying, Parkinson’s Movement Website, Care Partners Month, and Giving Tuesday!

Yep, as you can tell by the title, this a catch up post lightly touching on many topics.  For various reasons, it has been tough to find time for writing but I have a chance today so will try to cover all of these topics (and maybe more) in this post. Let’s get started! Rallying to the Challenge – 2018 As you might recall from my last post, we had just attended the Grand Challenges in PD meeting in Grand Rapids MI.  This is a two day meeting that brings together scientists, clinicians and people with Parkinson’s to explore the…

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Latest Research News

Well, setting a goal of publishing a new post within two weeks of my last post didn’t quite work. Despite my best intentions and adding a reminder to my calendar, I still missed the date by, oh let’s say 2 (OK 3) weeks.  Back in the days before retirement, I used a system called the Franklin Planner to plan out everyday, so maybe I need to do something similar now – NOT!  While it was an interesting (and expensive) planning system complete with training on how to use, fancy binders and custom calendar pages, I still missed a goal or…

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